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About Us


Blazin' Buddy was invented by two friends, one an avid outdoorsman and the other a 1998 AT thru hiker.  Swapping stories about trying to build fire with wet wood, started the inspiration to provide a firelog that was just to easy to light and enjoy.  Before long they envisioned markets like rv sales centers, campgrounds, beach outposts, convenient stores, wine and beer shops, farmer's markets and so on.  After much R&D the Blazin' Buddy took form, and became an all natural kiln dried campfire, that was the safest on the market and so user friendly, it could make the most unlikely of fire builders looks like a seasoned veteran.  Made in Smithfield, NC of responsibly harvested Southern Yellow Pine. We proudly use low grade pine wood, after all it is a campfire, but a pretty dag gone good one.

What Makes It Safe

  • The Blazin' Buddy burns from the inside out limiting combustion embers.  
  • It's square shape (only one in the market) makes it stable and if accidentally kicked over will not roll endangering those around them
  • Kiln Dried and Certified pest free product with NCDA and federal regulations. Safe to travel into state parks and federal parks that allow campfires
  • Flat sides provide ideal storage for travel. Rolling around in side the vehicle, boat, canoe could be disastrous
  • All natural pine fatwood is used as an accelerant eliminating harmful starter fluid. 

What Makes It Easy